Our Tutors

Debojoy Chanda  |  chanda3@illinois.edu

Debojoy is a postcolonialist and focuses in his proposed dissertation on the figure of the Eurasian in Anglophone narratives published during the colonial and postcolonial periods in India. Straddling an impossibly wide temporal span, Debojoy hopes to find his scholarly sea-legs by the end of this semester!

Marilyn Holguin  |  holguin2@illinois.edu

Marilyn works as an instructor of Rhetoric 105 for UIUC where she is also finishing her dissertation in 17th-18th-century British Literature. Her scholarly interests include Restoration theater’s influence on the early English novel, Shakespeare adaptations, and representations of masculinity from the stage to the page.

Kay Emmert  |  akemmert@illinois.edu

Kay is a full-time Lecturer at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign with eight years of experience teaching writing. Kay began teaching writing at Alma d’arte Charter High School with a specific focus on poetry. Afterward, she taught rhetoric, composition, and literature at Georgia College where she also served as a Writing Center consultant. Kay has worked closely with non-standard English speakers in New Mexico, rural Georgia in association with Bill Gates funded charter schools, as well as at UIUC. She also has experience coordinating a program guiding first-time instructors of writing.


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