Make An Appointment

Face-to-face appointments are the best means on getting targeted feedback on your current writing assignment or project. Having trouble getting started? One-on-one consultations are great for brainstorming, too! Working in a group? No problem! The entire group is welcome to attend the appointment. Ready to commit? Make an appointment here!

What To Bring
* a paper or electronic copy of your project and/notes you have.
* a copy of your assignment sheet (a crucial tool in ensuring your success).
* budget for more time than less if you can spare it.

Wait List
Note we can only honor one (1) appointment per student per day, and two (2) appointments per student per week. If there are no times open when you are available and you’d like to be added to the Wait List, please email You will be contacted in the event of cancellations. Whether you’d like to brainstorm a topic for your research project, discuss your essay’s argument, or fine-tune things at the end of your project, the Rhetoric Tutor can help!

You can find us most week days in the English Buidling, room 241. For more information on our hours and location, click here.


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